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Maine Power Express, LLC - Maine Power Express, LLC (“MPX,LLC”) is a Joint Venture between Loring Holdings, LLC, National Resources Energy, LLC, and Transmission Developers, Inc. MPX,LLC has assembled an expert team of development and strategic partners to design, engineer, permit, finance, construct and operate the MPX Project.

Con Edison Transmission, Inc. - The funding development partner and anticipated owner and operator of the MPX Project is Con Edison Transmission, Inc. (“CET”).

CET is a successful developer of transmission projects. CET is the largest partner and currently holds the leadership role within the New York Transco, the electric transmission partnership that includes National Grid, Avangrid, and Fortis.  CET has developed successful bids for public policy solicitations. CET constructed and contributed two of the partnership’s three projects, both of which began operation. CET is providing on-going O&M services for projects in operation. CET is well positioned with regulators, other utilities, ISOs and policy organizations to identify market and policy needs and to propose new projects. CET is wholly-owned subsidiary of Consolidated Edison, Inc.

For more than 195 years, Consolidated Edison, Inc. (“Con Edison”) has served the world's most dynamic and demanding marketplace - metropolitan New York. Con Edison, incorporated in New York State, is a holding company that owns all of the outstanding common stock of CECONY, Orange and Rockland Utilities, Inc. (“O&R”), Clean Energy Businesses (“CEBs”) and CET, which was formed in 2014 to invest in electric transmission and gas pipelines. 

As one of the largest electric companies in the country and the parent of NYC’s local utility, Con Edison possesses unique experience.  Indeed, the Con Edison companies are leaders in their specific sectors of the energy businesses. As the electric utility, responsible for reliably providing electric service to more than three million customers in NYC, CECONY understands and has had responsibility for designing and managing the electric grid in NYC for over 130 years.  CECONY also has experience in managing programs and aggregate solutions to meet various public policy goals.  CEE is a leading third-party energy manager with extensive experience in procuring and delivering renewable power, including in-depth experience scheduling energy and/or capacity on the Hudson Transmission Line (NJ to NYC), Neptune Cable (PJM to LI), and Cross- Sound Cable (ISO-NE to LI). CED is the fifth largest developer of solar power and a developer of other utility scale renewables, and CES is an experienced developer of distributed renewables, energy efficiency and demand side management solutions. Lastly, CET and NY Transco have demonstrated the ability to develop new transmission to deliver renewable resources.

Project Team

Maine Power Express Project Team

Hayes Gahagan

Managing Member, Maine Power Express, LLC

Hayes Gahagan is a principal of The Maine Power Express. He is the founder, lead entrepreneur, principal developer and one of the owners of Loring Holdings, LLC, developer of the Loring Energy Projects at the former Loring Air Force Base in Limestone, Maine. As Managing Member, Mr. Gahagan is responsible for day-to-day management of technical, economic, environmental, legal and regulatory matters for the project owners.  As a former legislator, he has been involved in various business-related assignments, including drafting of legislation, presentations at legislative hearings, special boards and commissions, and Governors advisory groups with specialty focus on U.S., New England and Maine energy policy, environmental affairs and economic development.  Mr. Gahagan was elected to the Maine House of Representatives and the Maine Senate, serving as a member of the Joint Standing Committee on Appropriations and Financial Affairs.  Mr. Gahagan received his BA and MA from the University of Maine and completed graduate studies in International Law and Economics at Manchester College, Oxford.


Scott Houldin

Managing Member, Maine Power Express, LLC

Scott Houldin is a principal of the Maine Power Express. He has been actively engaged in the National Resources Group of companies since inception, handling risk management and development of several projects and leading all energy initiatives including infrastructure development with a focus on HVDC sub-marine transmission lines. Mr. Houldin has primary responsibility for directing all aspects of project development, permitting and risk management. Mr. Houldin graduated from Denison University with a BA in Economics.


Ryan Gahagan

Project Manager, Maine Power Express, LLC

Ryan has served as Project Manager for the Maine Power Express since 2012. Ryan develops economic models, manages Maine Public Utilities Commission (MPUC) regulatory proceedings, drafts proposals, motions, reports and other filings, conducts research and analysis on Maine and New England energy matters, performs geospatial research and mapping, participates in regional energy industry organizations, manages the MPX PR, communications and IT, and interfaces with outside engineering, permitting and regulatory consultants and attorneys. He received his BA in Communications from Gordon College in Wenham, MA in 2002.


Mike McGrath

Real Estate & Government Relations, Maine Power Express, LLC

Michael McGrath has been affiliated with MPX for the past six(6) years. Mr.  McGrath's experience within the  city of Boston has been instrumental in evaluating land sites and coordinating multiple city, state and Federal agency introductions to the MPX Project.

Con Edison Transmission Project Team

Timothy Frost

Vice President, Con Edison Transmission

Mr. Frost is Vice President of Con Edison Transmission, involved in the creation of CET.  He is responsible for Finance, Corporate Development, and Electric Transmission Development for CET.  Mr. Frost’s previous was that of Director of Strategic Planning for Consolidated Edison.  His Prior to joining Consolidated Edison in 1996, Mr. Frost was an investment banker with Credit Suisse First Boston calling on domestic and international utilities.  Mr. Frost spent seven years following graduate school with Booz Allen & Hamilton, as a management consultant in both their strategy practice and the technology practice focused on energy, chemicals, computers, and pharmaceuticals industries.  Mr. Frost holds a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Chicago and a B.A. in economics from Macalester College.

Victor Mullin

Chief Engineer, Con Edison Transmission

Mr. Mullin has over 35 years of Electric utility experience. His experience includes key management positions in engineering, project management, operations and maintenance areas with knowledge of Business applications, Operations, Quality Assurance, Maintenance and Design and Licensing Basis. He has lead the engineering efforts for several large transmission projects including the construction of several substations. He brings knowledge from the Electric, Gas, Steam and Nuclear aspects of the utility industry. Mr. Mullin holds an M.S. in Management Science and a B.S. in Nuclear Science and is currently a member of the ASME Industry Advisory Board.

Elizabeth Griffin

Manager, Con Edison Transmission

Ms. Griffin has nearly a decade of experience in the utility industry. At Con Edison, Ms. Griffin used GE-MAPS and other tools to evaluate the reliability and wholesale energy market impacts of proposed infrastructure projects and policy changes. She led the modeling for the cost-benefit analysis for the Transmission Owners Transmission Solution proposal to the New York Public Service Commission. These projects were selected for development by the PSC and are currently in operation under the ownership of the New York Transco. She also represented Con Edison on the Long Island – NYC Offshore Wind Collaborative. Ms. Griffin joined Con Edison Transmission at its origination early last year and has been a key player in over $1.5 billion of project acquisitions. Prior to joining Con Edison, she worked in Process Improvement at National Grid. Ms. Griffin holds an MBA and an MS in Natural Resources from the University of Michigan and a BA from Georgetown University.

Katherine Buerger

Senior Cost Estimator, Con Edison

Ms. Buerger is a lead senior cost estimator for Con Edison.  Since 2001, she has developed appropriation level cost estimates for major gas, steam and electric transmission systems, both inside and outside of Con Edison’s service territory.  Currently, she develops appropriation level cost estimates for steam generating station repowering, including new CTG and HRSG installations, oil to gas conversion systems for power boilers, and major water treatment system upgrades for all of con Edison’s steam generating stations.  She develops cost estimates for new 345 kV and 138 kV transmission substations and existing electric substation upgrades.  Experience includes development of conceptual cost estimates for third party interconnection projects, future load growth and relief projects, green energy parks, wind and solar generators, and new multistory workout centers and parking garages. Prior to joining Con Edison’s estimating group, she spent 25 years in the nuclear power industry working for engineering firms including Duke Energy and ABB Impell, where her responsibilities included modelling, analyzing and qualifying Class I, II and III nuclear piping systems and preparing 10CFR50.59 safety evaluations.