Clean Energy Transmission from Maine underground/underwater directly to boston

Maine Power Express.png

The Maine Power Express (MPX), is a proposed 1,040 MW HVDC transmission line to be 100% buried underground in an existing energy corridor and underwater, direct to Boston, MA. MPX is a partnership of Maine Power Express, LLC, and Con Edison Transmission, Inc.

MPX has partnered with County Line Wind to bid clean energy from Maine into the Massachusetts Clean Energy RFP at County Line Wind is a 630 MW wind facility located on forestry lands in Penobscot and Aroostook Counties in northern Maine. These significant wind resources will be delivered directly to Boston on the MPX. Read more here.




New England is facing over 10,000MWs of Coal, Oil and Nuclear Power Plant retirements in the next 5-10 years. To address this, and to help meet GHG reduction targets, efforts are underway to solicit proposals for clean energy and transmission for Massachusetts and the New England Market.


The Maine Power Express will enable the release of stranded wind resources in northern Maine, grid-scale solar, storage and  potential Canadian Hydro power for firming. There are over 8000MW of potential clean energy projects seeking a transmission path solution to the New England Market.


The Maine Power Express will utilize an existing energy corridor for the safe burial of the entire project, underground through Maine and underwater to Massachusetts, landing at the Massport Conley Terminal and interconnecting at the K Street 345kV Substation in Boston. 

The Maine Power Express is a component of the Loring Energy Projects. Learn more at