Today, the Bangor Daily News published an article regarding the New England Clean Energy RFP ( Proposals, or bids, are due today, and details of each will soon be made public. The article makes reference to the Maine Power Express (“MPX”) and includes a link to this website.

The developers of the MPX had previously submitted a Notice of Intent to Bid back in November, 2015. This was a voluntary act, and, in keeping with the soliciting party’s intentions, it served to raise awareness about our transmission project among clean energy generation developers. As a result, we’ve established significant relationships with Maine and Canadian generators who could deliver power over the MPX transmission line and have strengthened the environmental and economic benefits of the project.

However, after a close evaluation of the RFP opportunity, we have concluded that it is not quite the right fit for the project. We have elected not to submit a bid into this first multi-state RFP. We believe that with the legislative efforts underway in Massachusetts, a second RFP, likely to be issued in 2016, will be more in line with the attributes and benefits of the MPX.

This hasn’t slowed down our progress, however. We are continuing to develop the project as a Merchant Transmission line, similar to our sister projects, TDI’s New England Clean Power Link and Champlain Hudson Express. Recent work provided by the James W. Sewall Company,  ABB and TRC have helped to improve project economics and we are moving closer to FERC approval for negotiated rate authority on a daily basis.

Thank you for your continued interest in the project and please feel free to contact us to learn more.