Greetings! Here are a few items we'd like to update you on: 

100% Site Control: As of April 1, 2016, the MPX Development Team has secured an Option on up to 20 acres (2 site Options) for the northern DC Converter and Switchyard. This location was chosen due to its proximity to 1) the Searsport-Loring Corridor; 2) the Existing "MEPCO" 345kV line; 3) the Existing 115kV Oakfield line; and 4) the Proposed 345kV “Number Nine” GenLead in the existing “Bridal Path.” (See more here) This will enable the efficient collection of both Maine and Canadian clean energy resources with minimal new overhead infrastructure needed to reach the MPX DC Converter. 

We've also secured options on 2 easements necessary for the transmission line to continue underground from the termination point of the SL-ROW to the shoreline in Searsport. (See more here) This completes 100% of the Maine-based site control necessary for the installation of the underground transmission line. Having this 115-mile route already secured puts the MPX at an advantage over other projects which require the creation of new Rights-of-Way.  

We are grateful to the James W. Sewall Company for their assistance in helping us work with the local landowners on this aspect of the project. We are determined to work closely with all landowners throughout this process and Sewall, as one of Maine's oldest operating companies, will be a major asset to both sides of any transaction.

TRC MEPCO Tie Report: MPX retained the services of TRC to prepare a report on the technical configuration of the tie between the northern MPX switchyard and the existing 345kV "MEPCO" transmission line. This report demonstrates the interconnection that will enable the collection of both local Maine-based resources and those coming from Canada over the MEPCO line, without requiring Special Protection Schemes or new transmission lines between the US and Canada. For more information on this concept, please contact us

Technology and Construction Info: We've recently added information regarding the chosen technology and construction techniques we plan to employ for the MPX transmission line. You can read more about it by following this link

New England Energy News: The following is a list of recent articles regarding the New England Energy Landscape that are worth reviewing:

Hydro-Wind Combo Would Save Customers $171M

Mass Should Boost Renewable Targets

Hydro Power Needed to Meet State's 2020 Carbon Goal

The MPX Development Team is keeping a close eye on the pending Massachusetts legislation seeking to procure clean energy resources. Our focus is on providing a diverse mix of domestic and Canadian resources in a variety of resources types. Wind, Hydro, Tidal, Solar, Storage... all have a place on the MPX. 

As usual, if you have any questions, please contact us.