The Massachusetts Legislature put the finishing touches on a compromise energy bill in the late hours of their final day in session and Governor Charlie Baker signed the bill into law on August 8, 2016. In a sense, this energy bill has been in development for several years, having failed to be addressed under the Patrick administration. Now, the Commonwealth can finally move forward towards procuring clean energy resources and meeting GHG reduction targets. 

Link to H.4568 - An act to promote energy diversity:

The MPX Development team has been preparing for this type of solicitation for several years. While the New England Clean Energy RFP was a good start, the type of procurement called for in this legislation is much more in line with the attributes and benefits of the MPX. The Bill calls for:

  • Massachusetts Utilities and the Department of Energy Resources (DOER) to jointly issue an RFP "Not Later than April 1, 2017" - This is a great timeline for the MPX
  • The RFP calls for 9,450,000 megawatt-hours (approx. 1200MWs) of clean energy - The MPX proposes 1000MWs over HVDC directly to Boston
  • The Clean Energy can be 1) Canadian Hydro alone, 2) RPS Class I Renewables (wind/solar/etc) alone and/or 3) RPS Class I firmed by Hydro, with preference given to the latter. - The MPX proposes a diverse mix of domestic and Canadain Wind and solar resources, firmed by Canadian Hydro; precisely the project in most demand

Now it is up to the DOER and Massachusetts Utilities to prepare the RFP. MPX is looking forward to the first Draft RFP, hopefully released this year, to evaluate the opportunity. The MPX will offer significant benefits to Maine, Massachusetts, Eastern Canada and New England as a whole.

Please feel free to contact the MPX Development Team with any questions.