There has been a flurry of activity in the New England energy world lately, so we felt it was time to provide an update on the status of the Massachusetts Request for Proposals (“Mass RFP”) and the MPX project.

Back in July 2017, MPX, and our project co-developer Con Edison Transmission, teamed up with NRG Renewables on their County Line Wind (“CLW”) project and submitted a proposal into the Mass 83D RFP. Over the following several months, the team responded to six rounds of questions from the Mass 83D RFP Evaluation Team, met with industry stakeholders, progressed the project with ISO-NE, and raised awareness of the project among other clean energy generators and Canadian utilities interested in working with MPX. MPX also garnered letters of support from the Loring Development Authority and the Northern Maine Development Commission. We are very proud of the project we proposed and will continue to promote its successful development in this and future RFPs.

On January 25th, the Massachusetts Electric Distribution Companies (“EDCs”), Department of Energy Resources (“DOER”), and an Independent Evaluator completed their evaluation of bids received in response to the Mass 83D RFP. “Northern Pass Transmission, Hydro” was determined to be the winning bid. The final acceptance of the bid and the award of contracts is conditional upon the successful negotiation of contracts and required regulatory approval at the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities.

MPX was disappointed with the outcome of the Mass 83D RFP. So too, are many others. Shortly following this announcement, the New Hampshire Site Evaluation Committee (“NHSEC”) rejected a key permit needed by Northern Pass to begin construction. This has caused some confusion as to how to proceed. An announcement regarding the status of the Mass 83D RFP is expected on February 16. The key point is that if Northern Pass does not successfully negotiate contracts due to this permitting setback, another bid or possibly a combination of bids may be selected to advance to contract negotiations. MPX and NRG stand united and have submitted a letter to the MA 83D RFP Evaluation Team stating our commitment to the project and readiness to negotiate contracts.

We will keep you posted pending the February 16 announcement.