PRoject benefits

The MPX Project is competitively positioned to link low cost Class I RPS renewable resources at a cost-effective delivered price to the major demand center of Boston and all of Massachusetts. The MPX Project avoids the existing constraints of the New England transmission system for delivery of 1,040 MWs directly into Boston.  

The ability to debottleneck the advantaged resource region of New England will lead to the release of additional renewable resources. In fact, MPX expects that the other wind and hydro projects within Northern Maine and Canada could be easily combined to the County Line Wind/MPX bid to create a fully-utilized, high capacity factor HVDC line to Boston, as represented in the graphic below.

Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 1.35.47 PM.png

Using the MPX Project to debottleneck the rich renewable resource regions of northern Maine and Canada, will result in an exceptionally low cost vehicle to deliver power to Massachusetts in utility-scale volumes. 1,040 MWs of transmission capacity creates a significant source of low cost renewable energy and capacity for Boston and Massachusetts. Achieving a high capacity factor on the MPX is realistically achievable based on the known resources of northern Maine and Canada:

  • Northern Maine wind development projects, over 3000 MWs in the queue, could be served by the MPX
  • Canadian clean energy (e.g. hydro, wind, and tidal) via the new tie line, that could either be used as firm or firming supply
  • Existing constrained, non-qualified generation in Maine and New Brunswick that have expressed interest in unconstrained access to Massachusetts markets  

The MPX Project offers a unique and unsurpassed range of benefits to the customers of Massachusetts:

Low Delivered Cost of Renewables

  • Accesses superior, low cost renewable regions
  • Avoids expensive system re-enforcement costs
  • Can be loaded to achieve attractive cost of transmission

Directly Serves Boston and Massachusetts

  • Physical connection to deliver Green benefits toall customer segments
  • Direct Reliability benefits
  • Direct and indirect economic benefits

Most Viable Path to Construction

  • Control of existing energy corridor
  • Completely buried underground and underwater
  • Favorable ISO-NE Queue position, with System Impact Study complete and I.3.9 approval

These factors, described in greater detail throughout the proposal, demonstrate that the strategic partnership between County Line Wind and MPX has the experience, development platform, supply chain, and capital to execute on our commitments, so that the Soliciting Parties can fully capture the intended environmental, financial, and reliability benefits of their procurement.